During its heyday, when it served as the residence for princes of the French royal blood from the Rohan family, the originally Baroque Sychrov castle was expanded and rebuilt in Neo-Gothic style. Leading Czech artisans and artists (such as the carver Petr Bušek, the glass painter Jan Zachariáš Quast,etc) together with the architect Bernard Grueber and Josef Pruvot, modified the castle to the taste of Prince Kamil de Rohan to its Historicist form, The new English landscape park became a model for important arboreta such as Průhonice and Konopiště. Sychrov offers a comprehensive look at the lifestyle of the high aristocracy in the second half of the 19th century. The main tour route features the spaces on the first floor of the main castle building with the private family rooms (Prince and Princesse’s suite), the luxurious Royal Suite for the most important guests, the state areas (hall stairs, drawing room library, billiard room and large dining room) and the castle chapel.